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Retail Suite

Centrally designed

GeO-iPlatform Retail Suite is specially designed for companies who are operating the retail shops with the demands for central information management and control. The challenges of deploying a centrally controlled retail management system are to:

1) Eliminate the maintenance tasks from end users.

2) Find a simple way to deploy a POS station with just a few mouse clicks.

3) Handle the offline operations and upload transactions to data center.

4) Automatically upgrade system version without human intervention.

5) Have a central business policy setting for remote POS stations.

GeO-iPlatform Retail Suite fully realizes the above targets and brings a new model of retail system to retail companies.

The infrastructure of GeO-iPlatform Retail Suite is designed for simple and fast system deployment, high availability of operations and data-in-time transferability.

Eliminate the maintenance cost

Zero software maintenance at shop end just by applying auto software updating and patching features of GeO-iPlatform.

Quick, reliable closing 

Improves the monthly account closing.

Easy Installation

Installation is a breeze with the POS client software with one button click. It¨s that easy.

Data Synchronization - Automatically

GeO-iPlatform Retail Suite synchronize POS daily transaction data to central POS system automatically once network connection is established. Central policy set up and broadcasting to POS stations are done without manual intervention.

Central Set Up - One Single Source

POS parameters set up centrally and automatically distribute to local POS station. Saves time and efforts.

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