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Finance & Distribution Suite

Manufacturing Suite

Retail Suite

A comprehensive information platform

In today¨s business environment, manufacturing functions are being constrained by market requirements. The business demands from the market directly impacts the production and resource plans in manufacturing. This kind of interactive actions from sales marketing to production planning, require a comprehensive information platform to fulfil the tasks and deliver the results to each regional office in the most efficient and productive way possible.

360< View

GeO-iPlatform Manufacturing Suite is ideal for corporations with business functions ranging from production to sales management with a regional coverage. The single data source of GeO-iPlatform enables the 360< view of sales forecasts, material requirements and resource availability of the entire group. It is a reliable platform to help users manage their production plans, material purchase plans and sales order deliveries.



Increase Operational Efficiency

The MRP Engine enables you to maintain the management of your inventory and material flow.


Cost Intelligence   

Perform key performance analysis of your products with clear cost structures.

Customized to your needs

Each business is different, that is why GeO-iPlatform Manufacturing Suite enables you to define in many ways the cost distribution via defining cost centers, production routing and processing with various cost ratios of labor, operations and indirect costs.


Powerful Reporting Capabilities 

Consolidation of data into meaningful reports for each of the business units, companies, subsidiaries and etc.

Be Empowered, twice over

Seamless integration between the sales and manufacturing functions around a single data source - reducing redundant data exchange transactions.


Create Meaningful Relationships

Multiple intra-company relationships can be established between the parent and subsidiaries in your organization.

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