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iPlatform Corporation is a company that specializes in building up the business management platform of small and medium sized companies with global operational requirements.

The product GeO-iPlatform, carried on by iPlatform Corporation, has gone through more than 12 years of development. The product has successfully helped hundreds of install based customers in Singapore, Taiwan, mainland China and Hong Kong. In 2007, iPlatform Corporation bought over the IP rights of the GeO product from i1 Inc and renamed it to GeO-iPlatform.


With the development team based in Singapore and Shanghai, iPlatform Corporation continues to invest in R&D to enrich the product functionalities.

With a new brand name, GeO-iPlatform has entered into a new enhanced stage of software development that delivers the necessary functions and quality services that customers demand.

To establish the collaboration for global SMEs to fulfil their worldwide business management needs on a single data platform.

We take care of every growing stage of our customers through our reliable products and services and make the information foundation ready for companies to be transformed into global enterprises. 

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